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Sandwich Boxes

Custom Sandwich Boxes

Turn every sandwich into a gourmet delight with our Custom Sandwich Boxes. Thoughtfully designed, these boxes prioritize freshness, ensuring that every layered flavor remains intact. Be it a robust meat-filled creation or a light veggie ensemble, our packaging embraces and accentuates the distinctiveness of each sandwich. Dive into design options spanning from the charm of artisanal aesthetics to the finesse of modern styles, each echoing the delectable treat inside. With their robust build and chic look, our Custom Sandwich Boxes elevate the sandwich game, promising an unparalleled dining experience.

Panda Scientist collaborates with leading carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TNT to deliver packaging supplies globally. All boxes are dispatched in a flat format. You’ll receive tracking details as soon as they’re ready!

Paper Material:

Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) ranging from 16 to 24 pt, Kraft Paper, Corrugated Board (Available in E, B, AB and other flutes)

Printing Technique:

Offset Printing (Featuring CMYK and up to 4 PMS colors)

Surface Finishing:

Options of Matte or Gloss Lamination, Spot UV Highlighting, Soft-touch Texture

Preview Options:

2D Flat Digital View, 3D Prototype Mockup

File Quality:

Ensure a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for best printing outcomes.

Color Conversion:

Files must be in CMYK mode to be print-compatible. If submitted in alternate modes like RGB, the file will be transitioned to CMYK during our preflight checks.

Document Dimensions & Safety:

Please incorporate an extra 0.25” to the original size to account for bleed. This translates to an added 0.125” on each side of your document.

Typically, orders are dispatched within a span of 7 to 10 business days. While Panda Scientist strives to guarantee prompt deliveries, there are instances outside our influence that can impact delivery times, including:

  • Concerns with provided artwork
  • National holidays
  • Orders of substantial quantities
  • Unforeseen events or force majeure.

Panda Scientist’s aim is not just to meet your anticipations, but to drive your business towards success. On the uncommon occasion of a “production flaw”, we stand by our commitment to either re-print the order or offer a refund. All requests for reprints or refunds should be made within “7 calendar days” of the receipt of the order. For lost shipments, reports should be filed within 15 days from the dispatch date. We recognize that plans can change and unforeseen situations arise. If you feel the need to cancel an ongoing order, please notify us promptly. The amount we can refund will be determined by the progress of your order. Naturally, if we haven’t initiated your order, you’ll receive a full refund.

Sandwich Boxes

Sandwich boxes are a staple in the packaging world, specifically designed to retain sandwiches’ freshness, flavor, and integrity while offering visual appeal to consumers. Crafted with precision, these boxes can be made from various materials, ranging from cardboard to biodegradable options, ensuring sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their structural design often includes a flat base and secure closing mechanism to prevent unwanted spills or exposure. With the advent of advanced printing techniques, sandwich boxes often feature vibrant graphics, brand logos, and essential information, making them functional and an effective marketing tool. Whether for a gourmet deli or a school lunch, these boxes have revolutionized how we pack and present our sandwiches.

Function Meets Design

Sandwich boxes are thoughtfully designed to accommodate different sizes and types of sandwiches. Whether it’s a club, wrap, or panini, there’s a box tailored to fit. This ensures the sandwich remains intact, retaining its shape and layers. The rigid structure prevents any squishing, ensuring the sandwich looks as appetizing as when it was first made.

Material Matters

Most sandwich boxes are made from food-grade cardboard, which is sturdy and safe for direct food contact. The material is a barrier, protecting the sandwich from external contaminants like dust and moisture. This is essential to maintain the freshness and hygiene of the sandwich.

Sustainability in Focus

With growing environmental awareness, many manufacturers are producing eco-friendly sandwich boxes. These are made from recycled or biodegradable materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact. By opting for such packaging, businesses can showcase their commitment to sustainable practices, a factor that resonates with many modern consumers.

Customization Potential

Sandwich boxes provide an excellent canvas for branding. Businesses can print their logos, promotional offers, or nutritional information directly onto the box. This enhances brand visibility and provides consumers with essential information about their meals.

Convenience is Key

One of the standout features of sandwich boxes is their convenience. They are easy to stack, making them perfect for display or storage. Additionally, the built-in closures mean there’s no need for additional tape or staples. For consumers, this ease extends to opening the box, enjoying their meal, and disposing of it.


When ordered in bulk, sandwich boxes can be very cost-effective. They offer a standardized packaging solution, reducing the need for multiple packaging types. This can streamline vendor operations, leading to cost savings in the long run. Sandwich boxes are more than just containers; they are an integral aspect of the sandwich-eating experience. They protect the meal, ensure convenience, offer branding opportunities, and even make a statement about a business’s environmental values. As the food industry continues to innovate, the humble sandwich box will undoubtedly evolve, but its core purpose – delivering a fresh and delightful meal – will remain unchanged.

Brand Visible Custom Sandwich Boxes

Sandwiches have long been cherished in the fast-food realm, loved by many for their convenience, versatility, and deliciousness. However, eateries and businesses constantly seek differentiation strategies in an increasingly competitive market. Custom sandwich boxes have emerged as a powerful tool in this regard, offering a mix of practicality and brand visibility.

A Canvas for Creativity

One of the significant advantages of custom sandwich boxes is the limitless potential for branding and design. Eateries can infuse their identity into the packaging, from specific colors and logos to unique design motifs and slogans. This turns every sandwich box into a mini-billboard, directly broadcasting the brand’s identity to the consumer.

Tailored for Perfect Fit

Customization continues beyond aesthetics. Businesses can modify the box’s dimensions to fit their sandwich types: a hefty club, a delicate wrap, or a loaded panini. This ensures optimal presentation and protection, keeping the sandwich intact and appetizing from the kitchen to the consumer’s hands.

Materials and Sustainability

With increased environmental consciousness, businesses can choose sustainable materials for their custom boxes. Whether it’s recycled cardboard, biodegradable materials, or sustainably sourced paper, these choices can be incorporated into the custom design process. This ensures eco-friendliness and communicates a brand’s commitment to green practices to its consumers.

Enhanced Consumer Experience

An often-overlooked aspect of custom sandwich boxes is their enhanced unboxing experience. A box tailored to the sandwich, adorned with appealing graphics and perhaps even a thoughtful message, elevates eating into a memorable experience. This can foster customer loyalty and ensure repeat business.

Cost Considerations

While custom sandwich boxes might come at a premium compared to generic ones, the investment can be justified in brand building and marketing. These boxes’ visibility and brand recall often translate into higher customer retention and word-of-mouth marketing, offering long-term value. In a market where consumer choices are vast and attention spans are short, the importance of branding must be balanced. Custom sandwich boxes offer businesses an effective way to stand out, ensuring their sandwiches are consumed and remembered. They symbolize a fusion of utility and marketing, serving the dual purpose of keeping the food fresh while keeping the brand fresher in the consumer’s mind.